Jam of the Week – Jaden Smith’s “Offering”

Jaden Smith

I’m not gonna lie, I don’t get Jaden Smith. I really don’t. I’m not even sure anyone does – look at his Twitter page and you can tell he’s a complex 16-year old. And I didn’t rate him much as a rapper when I heard ‘The Coolest’, a song he put out back in 2012. I thought, perhaps too harshly, that it was just a simple rap from a movie star’s son. But since then he has upped his game slowly but surely. Now, on his latest release, ‘Offering’ Jaden delivers the best lyrical performance of his short career to date.

Tackling topics as diverse as the prison system and his family’s fame (“My family’s not a circus, I told my dad to move the whole tribe down to Europe…maybe they don’t think we’re delirious”), over a relaxing jazzy beat laced with boom bap and a great trumpet riff, Jaden steps up his game greatly on this song, sounding as hungry as he has ever been. In the space of five minutes, he calls himself James Bond, the “new male Madonna” (whatever that means, I have no clue) and professes his respect for his father, in a stream-of-consciousness style that is slowly becoming his forte. He may be a bit weird, but ‘Offering’ shows the kid is growing up. Keep doing you, Jaden.


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