This Has Made My Day, Week, Month and Year

Kenan & Kel was always my favourite TV show growing up. The program I lived by and unashamedly downloaded and watched in its entirety about a year or so ago. It was a perfect blend of punchline comedy dealt within a maze of completely improbable situations, made possible by Kenan’s cunning and strategic nature and Kel’s lovable yet hapless persona.

For one reason or another, the duo have drifted apart considerably since the show ended in 2000, with Kenan Thompson rising to more national acclaim as part of the cast of Saturday Night Live (which he left earlier this year) while Kel Mitchell flitted through various TV appearances but never anything long-lasting or substantial. It felt as if they were worlds apart and a reunion was beyond the realms of reality.

So you could imagine my amazement and pure child-like giddiness when Jimmy Fallon brought the duo back together for the first time in God knows how long for a recreation of the much-loved ‘Good Burger’ act, made famous during the duo’s times on All That. I was immediately transported to the days when I was a youngster, tuning into Nickelodeon every day at 6pm for the latest edition of the show, and rapping along to the introductory song.

The sketch, performed on The Tonight Show, was simply brilliant, as Kel (who hasn’t aged since about 1997), playing Ed, recited some of his most famous lines, while the chemistry between Thompson and Mitchell proved to be just as strong as when they were a legit comedic duo in the late 90’s.

Even if Kenan & Kel never do anything together again, it was worth the 10-year plus wait to see two legends (my opinion, don’t hate!) back together again.

Thank you Jimmy Fallon, and thank you Based God, for this truly momentous occasion.


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