This Game Is Sick

Rap beef has been high up in the agenda for the genre throughout the year, but perhaps one of the most confusing and hilarious was that between Action Bronson and the Wu-Tang Clan’s very own, Ghostface Killah.

After years of being compared to Ghost, Action seemed to have enough and commented on ESPN that Tony Starks ‘isn’t rapping like this no more‘.

Ghostface’s video response lambasting Bronson still stands as one of the single greatest moments of the year, but the confrontation has since quelled. Now, a group of geniuses by the name of Swamp Penguins have developed the beef into a fully fledged video game.


Titled ‘Ghostface Killah vs. Action Bronson’ you basically play as Bronson running away from a giant Ghostface head, and you have to collect tweets while avoiding the ghosts. All while hearing a dope 8-bit version of Bronsolino’s ‘Actin’ Crazy’.

I’ve become fairly addicted to it, but it makes light of the feud in the most creative way.

Shout out to Swamp Penguins, I’m waiting for the Drake vs. Meek Mill version of this game now.


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