The Definition of Fire Emoji

Despite the recent controversies over the lack of representation at this year’s BRIT Awards – namely, where the awards show flat out failed to recognise the undeniable success of the grime and UK rap scenes over the past year – the grime scene especially, and its disciples, were unlikely to be losing any sleep. The genre will continue to stand strong, regardless of what an award show or, in larger part the music industry, may think.

Instead, some of grime’s past, present and future gathered together on a special occasion to show that, collectively, the grime scene is in really good hands. It was truly Avengers Assemble mode  on Novelist’s birthday bash and the OG Risky Roadz captured the raw intensity of a birthday cypher including Nov, Skepta, Chip Jammer, P Money, Big Zuu and a host of others.

The end result is a masterpiece; while all emcees bodied Spyro’s ‘Side By Side’ instrumental in their own way, special shout outs have go to P Money and Big Zuu, who absolutely slayed. As a football and Dragonball Z stan, I got gassed at both artists’ references.

But if the cypher has taught me anything, its that the scene needs no validation whatsoever – the artists themselves will do the talking. Or, in this case, the lyrical spraying.


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