These Rapper-Singer Collaborations Would Light Up The UK Music Scene

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The UK urban music scene is in a good place right now. Even though I hate to use the term ‘urban’. The country is now brimming with artists confident enough in themselves to tell their stories and bring new concepts to share with the world. For every new and explosive rapper, there’s a beautiful and talented singer making waves and it certainly feels like we’re heading towards arguably the greatest generation the UK has ever seen.

Amongst the new crop of talent there have been a number of collaborations to send the internet into a frenzy, but there many more that would be equally as sick. Here are a just few artist link-ups that would light the scene up even more:

Novelist x Ray BLK

Lewisham don Novelist needs no introduction, and has gone a long way in a short time to establish himself across the UK scene. His hard-hitting and matter-of-fact bars, set to a backdrop of jarring and minimalist grime are potent weapons in his arsenal. Meanwhile, fellow South London songstress Ray BLK’s smooth and soulful vocals can soften the tone of any track.

A collaboration between the two could serve the purpose of showing a different side to N-O-V, slowing down his bullet-quick delivery to support Ray BLK’s honest and from-the-heart lyrics. They’re both from South London; it just makes sense.

Stormzy x Jorja Smith

Image result for jorja smith

A match made in heaven, if you ask me. Walsall-born singer-songwriter Jorja Smith has been trailblazing since her debut single ‘Blue Lights’, showcasing her angelic take on social commentary.

Laying down vocals along those lines, her blissful voice can be met by the depth and bass of Stormzy, who can intensify a track in a matter of seconds. A versatile performer as far as his artistry goes, Big Stormz would have no trouble rapping about what’s real in the world, making the dream collaboration a potential one for the ages.

Rejjie Snow x RAYE

A perfect blend of sweet and sour. Dublin-repping Rejjie Snow is as sharp and witty as he is smooth and endearing and a link up with South London’s RAYE would see the two artists’ styles merge together greatly.

Both have performed over bouncy, danceable production and RAYE could provide a perfect pop hook to complement Rejjie’s stream of consciousness lyricism. She has already created magic with Stormzy, but RAYE has it in her to make a new hit with the enigmatic Snow.

AJ Tracey x Mabel

Image result for aj tracey

West London has a new king in AJ Tracey. He is one of the leading lights in the new generation of grime MCs and he has never spat without the utmost intensity, intelligence and entertainment.

Playing the role of a ladies man, AJ could woo the passionate South London singer Mabel McVey, over a groovy nostalgic 90s R&B beat, as she ponders whether or not to get with him. Mabel’s dreamy vocals would shine all over such a track, and Tracey’s repertoire can be strengthened, making it a win-win situation for both artists.


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