The man behind the blog


Just a normal kid from South London writing about…well…a lot of things. I initially only wrote about football, but have now started to write about music as well, since my passion for both is pretty much equal.

I’m a huge Liverpool fan but no biases here – strictly balanced, objective pieces on this blog. I write mainly about Premier League stuff but sometimes dabble into La Liga. As for the music pieces, I’ve been writing them for a minute now, so I haven’t got many excuses for the quality as this point!

I’ve been writing articles for over two years and have had pieces on various publications, such as the South London Press,, The Guardian, The Independent and The Daily Mail.

Recently, I’ve been behind the scenes at Viper Magazine as an editor, and had work published on Complex, Dummy and Cozy, and I’m currently interning at The FADER.

I also do radio on Reprezent now…imagine. Link to my shows here.

With this blog, I’m hoping to reach out to a wider audience and showcase my writing skills further. All comments (and constructive criticism) are welcome. Hope you enjoy my work and my footballing and musical brain!

Also, for those who are impressed with my blog, you can follow me on Twitter as well.

Happy reading!


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